Aim of the Live Journal Club:

We will discuss the recent Transfusion Evidence Round-Up top 10 papers, which focus on "World Heart Day". Our speakers and moderators will discuss how the papers were chosen and highlight some of the included papers.

This event is free and open access.

Level of education required:

Level 1 - Fundamental awareness.

What prior knowledge is required to attend the webinar?

No specific prior knowledge is required. However, it will be helpful for attendees to read the Transfusion Evidence Round-Up to familiarise themselves with the top 10 papers.

Target audience:

Scientists, medical staff, blood bank staff, transfusion practitioners, nursing staff, researchers and anyone who is interested in finding out more about the "World Heart Day" Transfusion Evidence Round-up, and how to critically review the literature.

The speakers: 

The moderators: 

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