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Introduction to Blood Transfusion: from donor to recipient - launched at ISBT2020

In 2008 a book ‘’Introduction to Blood Transfusion Technology’’ written by Beryl Armstrong and four co-authors: Rob Wilkinson, Leesha Raman Elizabeth Smart and Jon Hardwick was published as a special edition of the ISBT Science Series. This book has been invaluable to transfusion professionals all around the world, and has now been updated to include developments since the original edition. 

The 2020 update has been coordinated by Mindy Goldman, who has acted as editor and led an international team of reviewers, including two of the original authors, Beryl Armstrong and Rob Wilkinson.

The book includes 18 chapters that cover the whole blood transfusion chain and this is reflected in the new name.

The book includes 18 chapters that cover various aspects of blood transfusion: Haematology, Immunology, Antigen-antibody reactions, Principles of laboratory techniques , Genetics , Blood group systems , Haemolytic disease, Blood donors, Blood collection, Donation testing and transfusion transmissible diseases, Blood processing and components, Blood storage and transportation, Compatibility testing, Transfusion risks and haemovigilance, Safety, health and the environment, Quality, Equipment and materials management and Indications for transfusion of blood components.

"I recommend this book as a good basic overview of transfusion, from vein to vein!"
Mindy Goldman


"This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the discipline of blood transfusion, from donor selection to post-transfusion monitoring, in a clear and understandable way that will benefit all students, particularly those working without the benefit of a skilled trainer."
Beryl Armstrong and Rob Wilkinson

Download the 2020 book chapters - Introduction to Blood Transfusion: from donor to recipient