Patient Blood Management Subgroup

The aim of this subgroup is to spread awareness on patient blood management (PBM) and to help support its wider implementation.


The proposed global definition of PBM is a patient-centered, systematic, evidence-based approach to improve patient outcomes by managing and preserving patient’s own blood, while promoting patient safety and empowerment. This approach is not restricted to perioperative patients and may be applied in other patient populations where blood loss may occur, and blood transfusion may be used. WHO has urged the implementation of PBM as a best practice. 

The multimodal approach involves three pillars for better patient outcomes:

multimodal approach three pillars

About the subgroup

The PBM  subgroup of the ISBT Clinical Transfusion Working is an international group of medical professionals with an interest in providing optimal patient care using the PBM approach that is multi-disciplinary, evidence-based and personalized. 

The subgroup’s objectives are

  • To bring together health care professionals with interest in PBM and share  knowledge/experience
  • To regularly review PBM resources around the world and collate them in a single website for ease of access
  • To study and report on PBM practices world-wide
  • To identify research questions/unmet needs and promote solutions through collaborative research
  • To promote awareness of PBM and PBM guidelines/best practices

Subgroup Activities

We strive to hold virtual meetings quarterly and meet in person at the International and Regional conferences a minimum of once a year.


PBM Resources

Over the years, ISBT collected and curated many PBM resources, including original studies, guidelines/best practices, and implementation tools. Visit the resources through the below link. 

Patient Blood Management Resources

Go to the resources



Katerina Pavenski

Katerina Pavenski

Head of the Division of Transfusion Medicine, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Yashaswi Dhiman

Yashaswi Dhiman

Assistant Professor, Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion, HIMS, SRHU, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India


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