Working Party Subgroups

Find out about the 8 subgroups of this Working Party and what they do.

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Transfusion Practitioners Subgroup

Our aim is to promote best practice, safe transfusion and blood conservation for patients through international collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and resources.



Paediatrics Subgroup

Our aim is to promote best practice, safe transfusion and blood conservation for neonates and children, through advocacy, educational resources and international collaboration.


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Education Subgroup

The aim of this subgroup is to explore educational tools and resources for Transfusion Medicine Professionals in the field of Transfusion Medicine.


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Patient Blood Management Subgroup

The aim of this subgroup is to spread awareness on patient blood management (PBM) and to help support its wider implementation.


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Hemoglobinopathy Subgroup

The aim of this subgroup to promote for best transfusion practices and explore the existing challenges in transfusing patients with hemoglobinopathies worldwide.


Clinical Apheresis subgroup

The Clinical Apheresis subgroup (led by Hans Vrielink and Katerina Pavenski) provides a forum for transfusion professionals with interest in clinical apheresis. 

The Wikipedia subgroup

The Wikipedia subgroup (led by Lise Estcourt and Gopal Patidar) involve members from different professional backgrounds who work on updating the existing transfusion related Wikipedia pages. The group is also working to develop new pages in emerging topics in transfusion medicine and blood banking.

The Social Media subgroup

The Social media subgroup led by Soumya Das is a newly formed subgroup that involves young professionals in the working party. The members of the subgroup is interested in sharing knowledge and experiences in relevance to their subgroup activities in the different ISBT social media accounts such as twitter, linkedin and Instagram.


Join the Working Party

Are you an ISBT member? Do you have expertise in transfusion medicine/science? If so, you can apply to join a Working Party. Each Working Party includes members with different expertise and from different geograpical regions. Applications will be reviewed periodically by Working Party Chairs to fill vacancies.

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