About and Activities

Learn more about the Granulocyte Immunobiology Working Party and its activities.


We encourage and support new and emerging granulocyte laboratories through education and organisation of practical workshop-like sessions. We provide access to like-minded colleagues active in (diagnostic) laboratory, research and/or clinical settings in all aspects of granulocyte immunobiology. We discuss standards for serology diagnostics and are involved in education and training programmes for new laboratories. Our WP supports scientific co-operation between our members and organises meetings. We establish and monitor nomenclature for human neutrophil alloantigens (HNA). Moreover, we develop standards for laboratory diagnostics of TRALI and compatibility testing of granulocyte concentrates, detection of anti-granulocyte antibodies, -antigens and we characterise granulocyte antibody-mediated disorders. We support and promote the HNA nomenclature subcommittee.

Our Chairperson is Behnaz Bayat.


Activities and projects

We meet at the ISBT congresses and organise International educational Workshops every other year. Also, we regularly organise the exchange of typing sera and typed DNA.