About and Activities

Learn more about the Platelet Immunobiology Working Party and its activities.


We provide access to like-minded colleagues active in (diagnostic) laboratory, research and/or clinical settings in all aspects of platelet immunobiology. We promote basic and clinical research to improve the knowledge on antibody-mediated platelet disorders and to improve laboratory testing and clinical guidance. We set standards for serological testing, diagnostic pathways, and clinical decision making in patients with antibody-mediated platelet disorders. 

To reach our aims, we establish and monitor nomenclature for human platelet alloantigens (HPA) and support scientific co-operation between our members. We encourage and support new and emerging platelet immunology laboratories through education and organisation of practical workshop sessions. 

Our Chairperson is Brian Curtis. 



We meet at ISBT congresses. We organise international workshops every other year (please find the report of the previous workshops in the Resources section). Also, we regularly organise the exchange of typing material and test protocols. We have installed sub-committees on Quality and Clinical Guidance and invite ISBT members with interest in the field to actively participate. 


Subcommittee on Quality

Human Platelet Antigen (HPA) Database

This database serves as the principal site for cataloging the current list of human platelet allo-antigens (HPA).