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Learn more about the Quality Management Working Party and its activities.


We offer quality support world-wide in order to reach the optimal level of quality in blood transfusion medicine. We set up key performance parameters (Quality Indicators) aiming for harmonization of definitions related to quality management via bench marking. A data base has been implemented to assess Quality Management Systems globally. To set up minimum quality standards for Blood Services, we collaborate and share information with different organizations. In order to facilitate contributions by its members, we have initiated subgroups (SG) for the following activities:

  • SG1: Database (survey) on quality management standards and criteria
  • SG2: Quality indicators for blood establishments
  • SG3: Harmonization of definitions in quality management
  • SG4: Training and education

Our Chairperson is Christian Seidl.



We meet at ISBT congresses and maintain a database, analyze and publish the results on a regular basis. We present our data at ISBT Academy Sessions as an educational tool for quality improvements. We also share and compare data with other ISBT Working Parties in particular with the WP on Haemovigilance.

The subgroups are coordinated by members of the working party and communicate via conference call, internet or in person. The results of each subgroup are biannually discussed with the working party board and are presented during the annual working party meetings.


Subgroups – Survey Platform

SG1: Database (survey) on quality management standards and criteria

The survey on quality management standards and criteria used worldwide aims to collect information on the key elements in quality management including inspection standards. Participants of this survey are invited either via the working party directly or via cooperating organizations. 

For further information, please contact Christian Seidl.

SG2: Quality indicators for blood establishments

The survey on quality indicators is based on a selected list of quality indicators defined by the working party in order to assist blood services worldwide, which wish to improve or standardize their quality measurements. The list of quality indicators has been cross-checked with the ISBT Working Party on Haemovigilance (WP-HV).

For further information, please contact Tomislav Vuk.


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