About and Activities

Learn more about the Transfusion Transmitted Infectious Diseases Working Party and its activities


The Working Party on Transfusion Transmitted Infectious Disease (WP-TTID) focuses its activities on understanding infectious diseases in transfusion, including conducting research and assessments that contribute to increasing the safety of the blood supply across jurisdictions. We accomplish our work by bringing together international experts to: 1) gather, analyse and review relevant data; 2) develop and coordinate international studies; 3) publish scientific reports; and 4) to actively contribute to policy discussions, including advocacy for blood safety interventions in all regions of the world based on differences in epidemiology and resources. The WP-TTID members are scientific experts, regulators, company representatives and other participants from leading institutions in the fields of blood safety and infectious diseases



Our members participate in the following subgroups:

1) Bacteria

2) Parasites

3) Virology

4) Surveillance, Risk Assessment & Policy (SRAP), including surveillance for Prions/Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE)

Our Chairperson is Brian Custer.



We participate in subgroups and attend 1-2 day WP meetings linked to ISBT Congresses. Our subgroups develop and execute various surveys and laboratory experiments, analyse data with the intention to publish. Our subgroups discuss issues by conference call and in person. We sponsor Travel Awards and are launching a mentoring and training program for early/mid-career investigators, particularly from resource-limited countries.

Additional Members of the TTID Organising Committee

Vice Chair: Sheila O’Brian, Canada 
Corporate Member Representative: Marion Lanteri, USA 
Individual Member Representatives: Marion Vermeulen, South Africa and Michael Schmidt, Germany