15 Dec 2020

This session was held on 15 December 2020, during the virtual ISBT 2020 congress. 

The How to Manage Acute Bleeding? session included the following presentations: 

1. Ana María Gómez-Caro: Management of massive haemorrhage
2. Josephine (YP) McCullagh: Feasibility and safety of leucocyte depleted red cell and plasma transfusion for traumatic haemorrhage - UK experience
3. Laura Green: Prothrombin complex concentrate versus fresh frozen plasma in adults undergoing heart surgery (PROPHESY) - A pragmatic pilot randomized controlled trial
4. Loes Cornelissen: Platelet transfusion or tranexamic acid to prevent bleeding in outpatients with a hematological disease: preliminary results of a survey among Dutch hematologists
5. John-Paul Tung: Resuscitation and transfusion in an ovine model of haemorrhagic shock: preliminary data

Moderator: Beverley Hunt

After the presentations, there was a questions and answers session of about 10 minutes, which is also included in the recording. 


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