25 May 2022

Perinatal Consensus Conference Presentation Library

Through the below link, you will be able to access the following presentation recordings: 

When should maternal testing for red cell antigens by cffDNA be considered? Presentation by Dr. Barbra de Vrijer
Postnatal Cord Blood Testing by Omar Hajjaj
First Trimester Anti-D Prophylaxis Presentation by Dr. Susan Ellis
When should RhD genotyping be performed for pregnant D negative women? Presentation by Dr. Nancy Robitaille
Second and third trimester FMH testing and anti-D prophylaxis Review of routine administration and special situations Presentation by Dr. Nadine Shehata
Prenatal Monitoring Strategies for Lower-risk RBC Alloantibodies Presentation by Dr. Matthew Yan
The group and screen at 28 weeks Presentation by Dr. Jon Barrett
The triage group and screen Presentation by Jeannie Callum
Fetal maternal hemorrhage testing: the why, how & when Presentation by Heather VanderMeulen
K Titres Presentation by Dr. Elina Koumoutsea

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