Aim of the Live Journal Club

To present the 15-year experience of a Portuguese Cellular Therapy Department in the collection of peripheral blood stem cells, by apheresis, in very low-weight children with malignant diseases. The institutional collection protocol will be detailed, in an approach focused on the challenges and strategies that have been applied to manage leukapheresis in this population.

This Live Journal Club aimed to discuss the recently published publication Peripheral blood stem cells collection by apheresis in very low-weight children with malignant diseases-A single center experience by Lúcia Vieira, Sofia Teixeira, Conceição Reis, Ana Salselas, Filipa Bordalo, Sérgio Lopes, Catarina Pinho, Fátima Amado and Susana Roncon. The paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Apheresis in October 2022, doi: 10.1002/jca.22021

Level of education required:

Intermediate (practical application)

What prior knowledge is required?

No prior specific reading is recommended. General knowledge about apheresis, including practical application, is nevertheless required.

Target audience

Physicians, nurses and technicians working in the field of Cellular Therapy.


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