The following list of resources is by no means fully inclusive. It is a collection of websites and tools that the ISBT TP subgroup would recommend to those investigating wrong blood in tube events.


International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)

ISBT Transfusion Reaction Module

ISBT Haemovigilance

ISBT Posters -


SHOT and resources

Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)

file:///C:/Users/lbielby/Downloads/EN-2018-Why-2-Samples-SHOT.pdf  - Pre-transfusion sampling process



Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN)

ORBCoN Transfusion Safety Officer Resource Manual


Blood Matters

Blood Matters program |

Blood Matters – ABCD of blood sampling poster – get it right first time, get it right every time

blood-matters-program-poster---doc.docx (

VMIA - Investigating the Human Factors behind ‘Wrong Blood in Tube’ (WBIT)

events in the Emergency Department



Patient ID poster – Do we Know wo you are? 2021-0259-pbm-patient-id-printable-patient-facing-a4-landscape.pdf (

Staff ID poster – Do you know who they are?

Taking a blood sample for pretransfusion compatibility testing poster-

Taking a blood sample for pretransfusion compatibility testing youtube -


Incident management guide

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare



Australian Red Cross Life Blood eLearning Adverse Events

SHOT Webinars

BloodSafe ELearning Australia -


Investigations – cause and effect, fishbone and why’s

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (USA)

Cause and Effect

Patient Safety Essentials toolkits – 5 Whys

Quality Improvement Essentials toolkits 

National Maternal & Child Health (USA),vid:wrVSpKt6veU

Harvard online - How to create cause-and-effect diagrams – YouTube

Uni Utah -

NSW-Australia-Clinical Excellence -



Mind tools -


Developing Recommendations

Safer Care Victoria - Developing recommendations.docx (


Improvement Science step by step guide

NSW Government – Clinical Excellence Commission Improvement Science - Step by Step Guide (May 2021) (



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Root cause analysis articles

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