This Live Journal Club followed the publication of the most recent Transfusion Evidence Round-Up and was held on September 28, 2022 by Tadashi Matsushita, Danielle Valérie Domersant, Gopal Patidar, Susan Brunskill, Catherine Kimber and Allison Mo.

Aim of the webinar

The aim of the webinar is to discuss the Transfusion Evidence Round-Up. We will discuss our experience with the Round-Up process, and the top 10 papers identified in our recent Round-Up for "World Patient Safety Day 2022: Medication Without Harm". 

Level of education required (1-5)

1 - Fundamental Awareness (basic knowledge)

What prior knowledge is required?

No specific prior knowledge is required, however it is recommended that attendees read the recent Transfusion Evidence Round-Up email newsletter which will list the top 10 papers. 

Who can join?

Anyone with an interest in transfusion-related research and learning more about the reviewing process.


To learn more about the Transfusion Evidence Round-Up, please follow this link:



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