Transfusion Round-Up Reviewer Sign Up form

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite interested ISBT members to apply to participate in the selection and review of papers for future Transfusion Evidence Round-Ups. Each Round-Up will be based on a different transfusion-related theme. No prior experience in doing evidence round-ups or systematic reviews is necessary, but experience with reviewing abstracts, manuscripts or similar would be helpful. Members will be supported in the process by the TEL and the ISBT.

If you are interested, please register your interest through the below form. As part of the registration process on the website, please also provide:

  1. Short biography
  2. Please fill in the Conflict of Interest Disclosure form
  3. List 3 key areas of interest (through the below online application form), so that we can try to match you to an appropriate Round-Up theme.

If we have an overwhelming response we may not be able to accept all expressions of interest. Members who are selected to participate will be contacted in advance of each Round-Up, and should anticipate the need to respond promptly to the invitation and the tasks allocated.

We look forward to working with our members for future Transfusion Evidence Round-Ups.

Dr Allison Mo
Haematologist, Melbourne, Australia
On behalf of the Transfusion Evidence Round-Up team

A guide on participating in the Transfusion-Evidence Round-Up

This document is a brief guide to introduce how the Round-Up is done and what your responsibilities and role involves. 

The Round-Up is published quarterly. Each Round-Up is based upon a theme selected by the ISBT and Systematic Reviews Initiative (SRI) joint Transfusion Evidence Round-Up team. 

ISBT members interested in participating can submit an expression of interest form via the ISBT website. Based upon expertise and field of interest, a small group of members will be selected and matched to a Round-Up theme and invited to participate in a particular Round-Up. 

The process of the Round-Up is as below: 

  1. Subject/ theme of Round-Up identified by ISBT and Systematic Reviews Initiative (SRI) coordinating team
  2. SRI identify records
    The SRI information specialist will search Transfusion Evidence Library and Stem Cell Evidence, providing a list of 50-100 records relevant to the round-up topic.  References will be limited to recent publications, 1-3 years old, depending on the subject matter.
  3. ISBT identify members to select papers. If you are selected, you will be informed by email 2 months prior to the planned Round-Up publication date. You will review the papers and, working together with the other volunteer reviewers select ten ‘top’ papers for the Round-Up. This needs to be done by the stated deadline day.  This process will involve regular meetings and correspondence with the Round-Up team. Members will be supported throughout the process.  
    IMPORTANT: You must be able to commit to a short deadline for this process, and to complete your assignment.
  4. SRI prepare the records for publication. SRI will review the selected papers, write PICO summaries and prepare these for publication.  

Transfusion Round-Up Reviewer Sign Up form