Transfusion Practitioners across the world Podcast

Hear from Transfusion Practitioners in 4 countries (England, Canada, Belgium and Australia) what their role involves and why it is so important in health care.

Episode 9 & 10: Transfusion Practitioners support the non-medical authorization of blood

These episodes include interviews with three nurse practitioners from Australia, Canada and the UK who undertake non-medical authorization and prescription of blood or blood products. 

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Episode 8: Transfusion Practitioners talk about building a case for Transfusion Practitioners in your organisation. 

In this episode, Rachel Moss interviews Dr Naomi Rahimi-Levene who is Director of Blood Bank and Senior Haematologist at the Shamir Medical Centre in Tel Aviv about the process of implementing a Transfusion Practitioner and about the outcomes to date.

Episode 7: Transfusion Practitioners talk about patient blood management - part 2

In this episode, Transfusion Practitioners continue to explain patient blood management (PBM) programs, this time with a focus on those in place in different countries. If you have not listened to part 1 (episode 6) make sure to do that first.

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Choosing Wisely Canada "Pause the draws"


Episode 6: Transfusion Practitioners talk about patient blood management - part 1

In this podcast episode, Transfusion Practitioners explain patient blood management and look at examples of low-resource strategies that could be used to reduce the need for transfusion such as reducing iatrogenic anaemia and the use of single unit transfusion.

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Episode 5: Transfusion Practitioners talk about education

Education is another of the many roles of a Transfusion Practitioner (TP). In this podcast a group of TPs discuss the types and topics of education they provide to support patient safety.

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A survey of transfusion practitioners in international society of transfusion member countries:


Episode 4: Transfusion Practitioners explore transfusion incidents

Investigating transfusion incidents is one of the many roles of a Transfusion Practitioner. In this episode, a group of TPs discuss what hemovigilance is, what they do when investigating incidents, and how this can contribute to patient safety.


Episode 3: Transfusion Practitioners talk about audit

Transfusion Practitioners talk about audits and provide some examples, tips and resources to help those in health services undertake audits to improve patient safety.

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Episode 2: How Transfusion Practitioners make a difference?

This episode features 2 eminent transfusion medicine specialists who have worked closely with transfusion practitioners for many years and they discuss how transfusion practitioners make a difference. If you are not sure what a transfusion practitioners are you may wish to go back to podcast number 1 about "what is a a transfusion practitioner?"

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Episode 1: What is a TP? 

TP what does it stand for? Hear from Transfusion Practitioners in 4 countries (England, Canada, Belgium and Australia) what their role involves and why it is so important in health care.

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