Museums to explore when you're in Barcelona

Are you an architecture fan? Or more of a football fan? Whatever takes your fancy, there are museums in Barcelona that are a must-see while you’re there. 

1. Museum of Catalan History 

Barcelona is situated in Catalonia – which is a historical European nation that has a rich history, culture and language. At the Museum of Catalan History, there are many exhibitions that you can explore that will take you through the history of Catalonia and how the history has formed modern-day Barcelona. Tickets start at 6 EUR for the permanent exhibition and the museum is open every day. 

2. Picasso Museum 

Are you a Picasso fan? Or you interested in learning more about Cubism? Then the Picasso Museum located in the Gothic Quarter will be the place for you. With over 5000 works in their permanent collection, you will be able to see the transformation and journey that Picasso went on with his art. Tickets are 12 EUR, but admission is free on Thursday afternoon from 4pm, but make sure you book first as spots fill out quickly. 

3. Barca Museum at FC Barcelona 

If football is more your bread and butter - then visiting the Barca Museum might be just the thing for you. With different tours available, you can explore just the museum or upgrade and get the full experience by visiting the grounds and the changing rooms. With direct public transport links from the International Convention Centre area, you’ll be kicking a ball around in no time. 

4. The National Art Museum of Catalonia

Perhaps you want to delve into what Catalonia has to offer in terms of art - then no look no further than The National Art Museum of Catalonia - home to over 1000 years worth of art from Barcelona and the surrounding areas. The museum has different activities available such as concerts, artists talks and exclusive tours on offer to all ages and admission prices start at 12 EUR. 

5. Fundació Antoni Tàpies

If you want to brush up your knowledge of other Spanish artists then look no further, we have just the museum for you. Fundacio Antoni Tapies focuses on the artist Antoni Tapies who exploded onto the scene in the 1950’s when he began to incorporate waste paper, mud and rags into his paintings. Located in Carrer d'Aragó, it’s well worth a visit for the building alone. 

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