About and Activities

Learn more about the Rare Donors Working Party and its activities.


The WP has international collaborations for the provision of rare blood and discusses the challenges (local/international) related to finding and providing rare blood. We are interested in education of, and educational material for, blood providers, donors and patients. Guidelines to standardize listing, shipping, testing and reimbursement for rare donors' blood are prepared and maintained. We are an important resource for information regarding rare donor blood issues. We collaborate with WHO's International Donor Panel (IRDP) through liaison with the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory (located in UK) to maintain a database of donors with rare blood types.

Our Chairperson is Christine Lomas-Francis.



We meet at the ISBT congresses, regional meetings may be held. Also, we develop various documents including:

  • Template for international reporting of incompatible transfusion outcomes when rare blood is lacking
  • International rare donor card

Moreover, we provide assistance in developing rare blood programs, stimulate regular e-mail discussions and set up educational programs.


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