Blood Supply Management


optimise the use of donated blood and blood component wastage along the whole chain

The blood supply chain starts with the blood donor and an end with the patient, but ultimately it is the requirement for blood by the patient that drives the chain and hence the number of blood donations required. Various factors affect the blood supply chain; the number of donors who are willing to donate regularly, seasonal factors affecting donation e.g. public holidays, the blood services ability to adequately predict the number of units of blood required throughout the year and to ensure that they do not overstock and therefore increase wastage, the clinicians awareness of appropriate blood ordering and transfusion and the hospital laboratories ability to ensure sufficient stock yet have minimal wastage. It is essential that all staff working in each area of the blood supply chain is aware of their responsibilities to ensure minimal wastage of this freely given resource. Therefore education and training and data collection are important elements of the blood supply chain.


We focus on patient-centred blood supply chain management including storage, transportation and inventory management. The optimisation of the use of donated blood and blood component wastage is our aim. We collaborate with hospitals and blood establishments to streamline the whole chain and discuss ways to assess and improve blood supply management. We share experiences and design various tools to assess and improve blood supply chain management in the different settings and countries.

Our Chairperson is Justina Kordai Ansah.



We meet at the biannual ISBT congresses and organise teleconferences to discuss the various developed self-assessment tools (e.g. questionnaires) and outcomes "live". We prepare academic and parallel sessions for ISBT meetings and write articles for Transfusion Today.

Joining the WP

WP members should be involved in BSM in blood establishments, hospitals or both, independent of qualifications.

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Justina Kordai Ansah

Justina Kordai Ansah


National Blood Service Ghana
Accra, Ghana