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Patient Blood Management - a great resource



Patient Blood Management (PBM) is an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach aimed at optimising the care of patients who might need transfusion. It puts the patient at the heart of decisions made around blood transfusion, promoting appropriate use of blood and blood components and the timely use of alternatives where available. PBM represents an international initiative in best practice for transfusion medicine. The Clinical Transfusion Working Party have put together this resource to help support the wider implementation of PBM.  It represents experience from a number of countries and contains 20 chapters on various aspects of PBM.   

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1. Potential benefits to patients and the healthcare system  

2. Establishing and implementing a PBM strategy 

3. Pre-operative optimisation of haemoglobin

4. Cell salvage - coming soon

5. Tranexamic acid

6. Reversal oral anticoagulation

7. Red cell transfusion triggers

8. Single unit Transfusion

9. Platelet Transfusion - coming soon

10. PBM in laboratory testing, near patient testing 

11. Obstetric anaemia 

12. Neonatal red blood cell transfusion

13. Major haemorrhage - coming soon

14. Role of Transfusion Practitioner 

15. Role of tx committee, tx safety officers in PBM - coming soon

16. Patient information and involvement in PBM - coming soon

17. Use of IT to support PBM 

18. Audit

19. Educational strategies for healthcare professionals - coming soon

20. Glossary





Eszter Herczenik

Eszter Herczenik

Scientific Officer

ISBT Central Office


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