Clinical Transfusion

Working Party Subgroups

Clinical Apheresis subgroup

The Clinical Apheresis subgroup (led by Hans Vrielink and Katerina Pavenski) provides a forum for transfusion professionals with interest in clinical apheresis. 

The Education subgroup

The Education subgroup (led by Cynthia So-Osman and Peter van den Burg) involve transfusion professionals with interest in undergraduate and post-graduate transfusion education including e-learning. 

The Hemoglobinopathies subgroup

The hemoglobinopathies subgroup (led by Ratti Ram Sharma and Kamini Khillan) involves transfusion professionals with interest in transfusion care of patients with hemoglobinopathies such as sickle cell anemia and thalassemia.

The Patient blood management subgroup

The Patient Blood Management subgroup (led by Katerina Pavenski and Yashaswi Dhiman) involves transfusion professionals with interest in patient blood management. The subgroup has worked over the years to develop and update the existing ISBT library of patient blood management guidelines to help support the wider implementation of PBM. 

The Wikipedia subgroup

The Wikipedia subgroup (led by Lise Estcourt and Gopal Patidar) involve members from different professional backgrounds who work on updating the existing transfusion related Wikipedia pages. The group is also working to develop new pages in emerging topics in transfusion medicine and blood banking.

The Paediatric subgroup

The Pediatric subgroup (Paeds, led by Ruchika Goel and Satyam Arora) is an international group of professionals with an interest in neonatal and paediatric transfusion medicine and transfusion safety. The subgroup provides resources including patient blood management and haemovigilance for pediatric and neonatal transfusion practice. 


The Transfusion Practitioners subgroup

The Transfusion Practitioners subgroup (TP, led by Linley Bielby and  Rachel Moss) provides a forum for transfusion practitioners to connect and share knowledge. The Transfusion Practitioners also have their own online discussion forum on the ISBT Forum. 


The Social Media subgroup

The Social media subgroup led by Soumya Das is a newly formed subgroup that involves young professionals in the working party. The members of the subgroup is interested in sharing knowledge and experiences in relevance to their subgroup activities in the different ISBT social media accounts such as twitter, linkedin and Instagram.


Arwa Al Riyami

Arwa Al Riyami


Sultan Qaboos University Hospital