5 things to remember in Barcelona

1. It’s Not Barça, it’s Barna!

If you hear locals saying Barna, then, don’t worry - you heard them correctly! Barna is the nickname for the city, while Barça is the nickname for the football club.

2. Public transport is the way to go

The public transportation in Barcelona can easily connect you to all sides of the city - we’d recommend getting a public transportation card which you can use on the bus, tram and metro. You can purchase different types of tickets depending on what you need and how many people you’re traveling with. 

3. Professional pickpockets 

You may have heard already, but if not - be aware, pickpockets in Barcelona are a lot more professional than your average pickpocket. Be aware of distraction tactics - don’t leave your phone on the table, and be aware of ‘fake policemen’ who will ask you to open your bag, wallet and might potentially take pictures of your cards. To get a good understanding of other tactics that may be used by pickpockets, we would advise you to read this article here. 

4. Book your tickets for attractions in advance

If you’re not visiting for long before or after the congress and you want to see the city on a tight schedule, then make sure you book your tickets for museums and attractions before, so you can skip the queues and see the sights. If you're looking for museum recommendations, check out our page here. 

5. Brush up on your Catalan 

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia - and Catalan is recognised as the official language of Barcelona alongside Spanish. Many Barcelona residents speak Catalan in their daily lives, and learning the basics will help you during your trip, although many people speak English too so if languages aren’t your bread and butter, then don’t worry. You can download Duo Lingo to learn the basics.