Transfusion Evidence Round-Up

ISBT are working on an exciting new collaboration the UK based Systematic Review Initiative (SRI) with the aim of providing ISBT members with a selection of Systematic Reviews (SRs) and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) on transfusion related topics, including those published in journals specializing in areas outside of transfusion medicine. We are trialing a quarterly ‘’Round-Up’’ of SRs and RCTs on a specific topic, curated by ISBT.
SRI host the fully searchable libraries that are available free at the point of access to medical practitioners, policy makers and researchers worldwide, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date database of high-quality evidence in Transfusion Medicine. 

From the ISBT side, this initiative is being led by Dr Allison Mo, a clinical and laboratory Haematologist from Melbourne, Australia, and we’ll welcome input from other ISBT members interested in taking part in the review process for future issues (application form to follow soon on this webpage). All references are drawn from the SRI Transfusion Evidence Library and, where relevant, Stem Cell Evidence Library.


The first Round-Up on Safe Maternal and Newborn Care

For the first "Transfusion Evidence Round-Up", which was sent on September 17, 2021, ten top selected articles are highlighted to bring attention to this year’s World Patient Safety Day theme of “Safe Maternal and Newborn Care”. These articles have been identified from the Transfusion Evidence Library and selected by ISBT members: Erica Wood, Gwen Clarke, Jenny White and Allison Mo.

Click here to access the pdf of the first round-up. Please note that the link is only available for ISBT members.



Would you like to help with selecting and reviewing papers for future Transfusion Evidence Round-Ups?

We would like to invite interested ISBT members to apply to participate in the selection and review of papers for future Transfusion Evidence Round-Ups. Each Round-Up will be based on a different transfusion-related theme. No prior experience in doing evidence round-ups or systematic reviews is necessary, but experience with reviewing abstracts, manuscripts or similar would be helpful. Members will be supported in the process by the TEL and the ISBT.

If you are interested, please register your interest through this link: 

Systematic Research Initiative


The Systematic Research Initiative (SRI) is a clinical research group established in 2001 by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and funded by the UK Blood Services. The primary objective of the SRI is to “develop the evidence base for the practice of transfusion medicine”, by undertaking systematic reviews and other evidence-based medicine research projects in the transfusion field. @sritransfusion

Transfusion Evidence Library


The Transfusion Evidence Library is a database of systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials relevant to transfusion medicine. It is fully searchable, updated monthly and aims to be a key resource for medical practitioners, policy makers and researchers both in the UK and around the world. A monthly email: The Transfusion Evidence Alert with the latest top 10 records is sent to subscribers. The library is produced by the Systematic Review Initiative and funded by the UK Blood Services. @transfusionlib

Stem Cell Evidence


Stem Cell Evidence is a comprehensive collection of high quality research relevant to haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, updated monthly. The most important articles in the field are highlighted in the Stem Cell Evidence Alert which is a newsletter emailed to subscribers. Stem Cell Evidence aims to be a key resource worldwide for medical practitioners, clinical researchers and policy makers. It is also intended to be of value to those planning new clinical trials in the field. It is produced by the Systematic Review Initiative and funded by the UK Blood Services and Oxford Biomedical Research Centre. @evidencestemc